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Featured Event (October 28)
City of Phoenix - "Protecting Your Business" Cyber Security Forum

"The threat of cyber security attacks continue to increase significantly for businesses of all sizes. During National Cyber Security Month, the City of Phoenix will convene a forum of experts to talk about the threats to small and mid-size businesses and ways to safeguard. Panelist include cyber crime investigators, legal experts, leaders in the technology industry and others.""


Making it easier to find Cyber events in the valley without needing to subscribe to 30 different calendars. This calendar will hopefully unify all Cyber events, thus creating a stronger workforce in tech. Additionally, it should be trivial for the new generation of Cyber Security experts to find events.


When attending any of these events, make sure to network with people. Don't run out the door because, the presentation sucked. Make your time worth going to the event and gain more knowledge from the other security experts in the room. Make yourself known! Also, do be a bully, share this calendar.

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Share your event with the valley. Make your audience aware of all the other events in the valley or else I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL ADD YOU


I will try my best to keep events up to date. My email is down bellow so politely tell me if I'm doing a bad job. Thanks!

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